Nvidia Drivers

Due to the current lack of Appx support in AME, the graphics driver presented to users from the Nvidia website is not able to install the Appx control panel. Luckily Nvidia also provides the win32 control panel for all drivers through an alternate webpage. To download the win32 driver, select Standard, which should already be selected instead of DCH, under Windows Driver Type.

Download Link Nvidia Drivers

In contrast to Desktops, Laptops must use the DCH driver on AME, which will unfortunately result in the control panel not being installed. This can generally be worked around using the built-in Windows Setting App.

If you need to specify which GPU (internal or dedicated graphics) graphical programs should run on:

  1. Open the Windows Settings App
  2. Navigate to SystemDisplay and click on Graphics Settings
  3. Click Browse and select the executable of the app you want to restrict to a certain GPU (internal or dedicated)
  4. Select your graphics preference from the radio button options.

The next time you launch that application, it will run on your specified GPU.

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