How To Install Language Packs

Your display language can be changed on AME builds AME_2004_(2020-10-31).iso and newer by using amecs, or you can use the manual method below.

For AME build AME_1903_(2020-02-06).iso, you must follow the steps below.

The language pack images can be acquired directly from Microsoft:

For 1903 and 1909:

For 2004:

At nearly 6 GiB each, these may take a while to finish. Pick the suitable image for your system and then go ahead and grab the bevvy of your choice.

Mount the image downloaded, and navigate to the /x64/langpacks/ directory for 64-bit installations, and the /x86/langpacks/ directory for 32-bit. You'll find a comprehensive list of .cab files inside.

The language tags follow a format like: en-US fr-FR it-IT and so on.

A reference for these language tags can be found at the link below:

As an example, the filename for Italian-Italy is

Invoke the Language installer interface by running, or searching within start menu for Lpksetup, and then point to the language pack(s) extracted earlier.

Once installed, you can switch display language via PowerShell.

Open PowerShell and run:

net localgroup administrators user /add

Log off and log back in to update permissions

Set-WinSystemLocale <language tag>
Set-WinUserLanguageList <language tag> -Force

Detailed instructions can be found here:

Revert permissions and reboot to fully set the language.

net localgroup administrators user /delete
shutdown -r -t 0
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