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How To Install Updates

This implies the use of build: AME_1903_(2020-02-06).iso and newer.

There are some BASH scripts on the root of the AME installation drive that should be able to partially restore Windows Update functionality. Keep in mind that this guide was written with the intention that updates will be installed offline.

Prepare a USB stick with an Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop ISO and Download the BASH and BATCH scripts from here:

For this example, we'll use: Please bear in mind that you can replace the updates in this example with whichever updates you want to install.

In this case, we need the SSU and the Cumulative update:

SSU for KB4530684:

Update Catalog Link:
KB4530684 Cumulative:

Update Catalog Link:

Open command prompt as admin and extract the .cab files from the .msu files you've downloaded. It should be obvious as to which .cab files are the correct ones from their file size (you want the big ones). Example:

C:\> expand -F:* <.msu file> <destination>

Remove the ethernet cable, or otherwise, disable internet access to your machine. Reboot to the Ubuntu USB stick.

Once in Ubuntu, navigate to the script on root of your Windows install drive and run it from terminal. This will restore the removed files in C:\AME_Backup to their original locations.

Reboot into Windows and install the updates offline from an elevated command prompt.

Install the SSU first, then the Cumulative, and reboot when finished. Example:

dism /online /add-package /packagepath=<path to .cab>

Once you are back into Windows, run the amelioration_1903_[…].bat BATCH script and run the first option. There will likely be a lot of errors as most of the tasks have already been completed. Reboot when the script has completed to verify that everything is still working.

Boot the Ubuntu USB stick again, place the ameliorate_1903_[…].sh BASH script on the root of your windows drive and run it from terminal.

Note: Before you run the ameliorate BASH script, you may want to rename or move the original AME_Backup elsewhere so it doesn't get included in the search results again, it will likely only increase the directory depth by one folder, but it will increase the run time of the script.

Once the script has completed, you can boot back into Windows, the process is complete. Pat yourself on the back and carry on with your business.

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