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How to Upgrade AME

This guide describes how to upgrade your 2004 install of AME to 20H2. When a new version comes out this article will be updated appropriately, but for the time being it will only describe the process for 2004 to 20H2. 1. The official Windows 10 Stock ISO from Microsoft using the links generated from this site

2. The latest release of scripts for AME found here, extract the archive and place the script on the root of the drive.

3. An Ubuntu live boot USB stick Download

1. Mount the ISO using the built in mounter for Windows 10, then start the install by running setup.exe. Click through all the proceeding prompts, nothing needs to be changed, the default setup is to keep all your existing apps and data where they are and simply upgrade the OS to 2004.

NOTE: If you would like to receive all updates available to 2004, make sure that the computer is connected to the internet.

2. After several minutes, possibly to up to an hour and after several reboot, the machine will be back at the log in screen. Once at the desktop, run option 1 from the amelioration_20H2.bat script. The system will request a reboot when completed, after the machine has rebooted, prepare yourself for the second step.

NOTE: When the script asks for the drive with the Windows ISO, put in D: or any other drive letter, it will ignore the input and fail silently. This is not an issue as the feature being prompted for installation, .NET Framework 3.5, was already installed in the 2004 release ISO.

3. Before running the ameliorate script, a different ntfs driver needs to be installed. Due to bugs with the ntfs-3g filesystem driver on Linux, this step is absolutely necessary as certain files will be unable to be removed without it.

sudo apt install build-essential
wget -xvf Paragon_NTFS_for_Linux_driver_Retail_Express_lke_9.7.0.tar.gz
sudo ./
sudo mkdir /media/ntfs
sudo chmod 777 -R /media/ntfs
sudo chown <your user>:<your user> /media/ntfs

lsblk.jpg List all attached storage devices with lsblk, it should be possible to discern which drive is the correct one. In the example photo to the right, the correct disk is sdb2.

sudo mount -t ufsd -w /dev/<windows 10 drive> /media/ntfs
cd /media/ntfs/

4. Run amelirate script as root.

NOTE: Before running this script, you may want to remove the Windows.old folder to save on drive space.

sudo su

When the script has completed, reboot into Windows.

5. Run Option 4 from the Amelioration script to reinstall wallpapers, if desired.

  • AME Wallpaper will be replaced
  • Login screen will now state Other User
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